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Introduction to DCS Alarm Management

18 June 2009
Honeywell User Group Meeting in Phoenix, AZ

ISA Workshop introducing the concepts and principles of alarm management.  The format is two half days (June 18-19, 2009).  Use the PARTNER link for ISA for details and to sign up.  Also check out the Honeywell website.

Workshop Overview: Survey the critical design concepts and the implementation technology that forms the basis of industry best practices for DCS alarm system design.  A properly designed alarm system provides an essential working tool for process operators.  The workshop format encourages participation and discussion.  A number of pointed small-group exercises drive the concepts home.

This workshop is designed for: Control engineers responsible for the design and performance of process controls and associated graphics; Instrumentation technicians responsible for the implementation of DCS configurations and graphics; Process engineers responsible for the effective operation of manufacturing units; Production and operations supervisors and practitioners responsible for day-to-day plant operation; Process safety and loss control technical personnel who develop and implement safe, effective, and cost-efficient practices; And Senior plant management officers charged with the establishment of enterprise goals and the delivery of benefits.

Alarm Management CRM Workshop

26 September 2011

Sponsored by GCI in Houston

Highlight: By August 1, 2012, your Alarm Management Plan must be written and fully operational. If you already have a plan, but it likely needs beefing up, this is the way to learn how to do it before you’re audited; If you have put off doing a real plan, now in one quick and easy way, you can learn the real foundations of alarm management to get it together efficiently; If members of your team need grounding in what's what to jump into implementation, this is an efficient, effective way; or if you'd just like to feel comfortable with and prepare for the audit that you know is coming, this will do the trick.




Workshop: At this two-day Alarm Management Workshop, September 26-27, 2011, in Houston, TX, you’ll learn how to align your plan with global alarm management practices and always be compliant with relevant industry standards, such as ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191, and API RP 1167.

Register & More Information: www.gascertification.com