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Control and Automation

DCS Alarm Management
Smart Control Valves
Control Loop Design
Controller Tuning HazOp Analysis
Product Design
Operability Audits
Operator Interface Design
New Technology Deployment
Abnormal Situation Management

  • We will show you how you can get the 25% of your controls, that aren't working, back to work again.
  • We will show you where your process design implementation is weak and where your control room methodology can be improved to reduce production upsets and accidents.
  • If your plant is like most, you've paid a lot for technology and equipment; and lots of it is not working up to even its reasonable potential. We help you get more out of the infrastructure you already have!
  • We will assess the actual performance of your DCS alarm system, show you the impact of the problems on plant operation, and provide you with a new design that will significantly enhance safe and efficient operation. We do state-of-the technology training on your site.
  • We will show you the state-of-the-technology in operator graphics design that enables operators to actually observe changes in plant condition that threaten normal operations.
  • We will configure your digital positioner equipped control valves to achieve better control action, show you how routine monitoring can detect problems, and design and implement a valve monitoring program as part of plant operations or to prepare for turn-arounds.