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Alarm Management CRM Workshop

26 September 2011

Sponsored by GCI in Houston

Highlight: By August 1, 2012, your Alarm Management Plan must be written and fully operational. If you already have a plan, but it likely needs beefing up, this is the way to learn how to do it before you’re audited; If you have put off doing a real plan, now in one quick and easy way, you can learn the real foundations of alarm management to get it together efficiently; If members of your team need grounding in what's what to jump into implementation, this is an efficient, effective way; or if you'd just like to feel comfortable with and prepare for the audit that you know is coming, this will do the trick.




Workshop: At this two-day Alarm Management Workshop, September 26-27, 2011, in Houston, TX, you’ll learn how to align your plan with global alarm management practices and always be compliant with relevant industry standards, such as ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191, and API RP 1167.

Register & More Information: www.gascertification.com